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To SAVE Money, select from the POWER.SAVE range of professionally installed Solar Power Plants.



  • These are Grid-Tied Solar PV systems.  Click here for more info!

  • Grid-Tie means they supplement your electicity grid connection.

  • Solar power will directly supply your home or building load (electricity need).

  • Any excess power can reverse (Nett-Meter) your elec. meters. * Subject to local municipality approval.

  • There is NO Battery Bank. It uses the grid as the storage bank.

  • On a grid power outage, your solar power will also shut down.  * Unless CO-CONNECTED to a Stand-by generator.

  • Is a solid, low-risk & high-return Financial Investment (typically: ROI 2 - 5 years, IRR 15% to 70%)



To have Power ASSURANCE, select from the POWER.SURE range of professionally installed Solar Power Plants.



  • These are Hybrid or Off-Grid Solar PV systems.  Click here for more info!

  • Have Battery banks to store power for night usage or during power outages.

  • Some system are UPS systems (no solar panels).  * They charge from the grid. 

  • Some systems are Solar Power systems (have solar panels). * They charge from solar or the grid.

  • Grid-Interactive means can either use grid power for backup and/or sell excess power back into the grid.   * Nett-Metering: Subject to local municipality approval.

  • Primary source to charge the batteries or supply building load is always Solar power.

  • Savings guaranteed    ~   Power Independence ASSURED!

Grid Tie Solar
Hybrid Solar System



Hybrid Inverter

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