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Grid-Tied  |   No Batteries   |   Nett-Zero Electricity Costs

* Single Phase



  • Grid-Tie Solar PV system.     Click here for more info on Grid-Tie PV systems!

  • Grid-Tie means the solar power produced will supplement your existing electicity grid connection.

  • Solar power will directly supply your home or building load (electricity need) i.e. Solar-Connected

  • Any excess power can reverse (Nett-Meter) your elec. meters. *Subject to local municipality approval.

  • There is NO Battery Bank. Thus lower system capital cost.  *It uses the grid as the storage bank.

  • What ever power the solar system can not supply will come from the grid (e.g. bad weather or at night).

  • On a grid power outage, your solar power will also shut down.  *Unless CO-CONNECTED to a Stand-by generator. Speak to a consultant for more info.

  • Very low maintence. Very easy system operations. Best-of-the-Best technology used (international leading brands).

  • Is a solid, low-risk & high-return Financial Investment (typically: ROI 2 - 5 years, IRR 15% to 70%)



Notes:                           Prices Excl VAT, Installation Cost is aproximate (based on typical installation cost per Residential Project).
Installation Includes: PV-Roof Frames (Pitched Roof) , All Connections, C.O.C, Testing & Commissioning by AM Solar Qualified Installers. 
Technology Includes: SMA SunnyBoy or Schneider Electric RL Inverters and switch gear, Yingli Solar 300W Poly-Crystalline PV panels (25 year performance guarantee), Schletter aluminium PV frames & other locally elec standard approved components.  Life Expectancy: 25+ years

Optional Extra's:


  • Internet Monitoring: View system performance in real time on your computer or mobile device and allow AM Solar to monitor remotely

  • 3-Phase:  Upgrade this SYSTEM to a 3-Phase output.  

  • Up-scale: increase system output. These Systems are parrallellable, meaning you can add additional systems in the future.

* Speak to a consultant for more info on these options..