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Grid-Interactive  |   Battery Backup   |   Loadshedding Safe!

* Single Phase



  • Grid-Interactive Solar PV system.     Click here for more info on Grid-Interactive PV systems!

  • Grid-Interactive means the system has a batrtery bank and the power produced from the sun can be either used to: 1. charge the battery bank,  2. direct supply the building/home load and/or 3. sell excess power back into the grid.

  • Backup supply (during bad weather days or low battery charge) can either come from the grid or from a standby generator or both.

  • The battery bank and the Solar panel array can vary in size to suit the duration and size of the load.

  • The inverter size or peak output must exceed the expected peak draw (i.e. if all appliances are all ON at the same time).

  • The inverter can be configured/programmed to operate in many operational requirement states.

  • System can operate without solar panels (i.e. UPS). Solar panels can be added later.

  • Best battery technology used for the battery bank. AGM Gel solar sealed cells (12V & 2V cells). Better than Lead Acid cells.

  • System is Scalable: solar panels, batteries and/or additional inverters can easily be in added (in parrallel)  in the future.

  • Low Maintence. Very easy system operations.

  • Best-of-the-Best technology used (international leading brands).

  • Grid Failure | Loadshed | Power Outage ready system!  Generate your own power!!  Free from the Sun!!

  • Even though these systems do save the owner money by reducing electricity bills, they give solid Power Security (assurance) to the system owner. Giving the power back to the home/building owner. What is the cost of not having the convenience of having power or the cost of lost business due to a power outage or loadshedding??

Optional Extra's:


  • Internet Monitoring: View system performance in real time on your computer or mobile device and allow AM Solar to monitor remotely

  • 3-Phase:  Upgrade this SYSTEM to a 3-Phase output.  

  • Up-scale: increase system output. These Systems are parrallellable, meaning you can add additional systems in the future.

* Speak to a consultant for more info on these options.. 

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