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AM Solar, CEO: A.Armstrong.
"Powering future generations of South Africans is at the core of the company's work ethic and inspiration".

June 2020

AM Solar Wins  - BUILD Infrastructure Award for Best Performance for Commercial Roof-Top PV Systems - South Africa

April 2016


The Award was given for the entry of one of our commercial projects, namely the Tracker Building, Centurion, Tshwane, South Africa - 97kWp Roof-Top PV Plant, which was deemed the best performing Roof-Top PV system in South Africa 2015. 


The 2016 Infrastructure Awards have been established to recognise and reward the firms operating in this industry which forms the backbone of our society. The awards consider businesses of all sizes and across all areas of the market, from IT suppliers to healthcare providers, financial services firms to road builders and everything in between.

AM Solar Wins another Award  - BUILD Community Award for Best Off-Grid Energy Solution - PowerTurtle

July 2016


The Award was given for the recognition of the contribution AM Solar has made to the community with a highly innovative and functional solar PV project, the PowerTurtle. The PowerTurtle completely supplies off-grid power to a government rural school in Plam Ridge, Johannesburg. Design and Supply of the solar system was done by AM Solar. 


For those individuals who design completely sustainable, energy efficient buildings to the companies who implement the ideas into intricate, sustainable constructions, the Sustainable Building Awards 2016 aim to accentuate the tireless work undertaken by those individuals or firms who, through their dedication and desire to improve the working and living environment, have moulded and changed the global construction market for the better.

As with all of our awards, the Sustainable Building Awards 2016 are all provided exclusively on merit. Once voting closes we set our dedicated research team to work, checking each nomination to ensure that all of our winners can be certain that their win was based solely on their achievements.

AM Solar launches their Off-Grid "Power-in-a-Box" - PowerTurtle

March 2016


Secure solar solution to provide sustainable off-grid energy. 

The South African government and 3 partners have launched the new-generation, modular solar solution the PowerTurtle at the off-grid Pheasant Folly Primary school in Palm Ridge, in Gauteng earlier this month. 

The system allows government to provide sustainable and secure energy solutions for rural off-the-gird schools and a multitude of similar Off-Grid applications.


This container-based design solution is the brainchild of AM Solar, Rexivista and Ugesi Gold.

The system incorporates security as a key design feature and is the first step towards secure, reliable and sustainable electricity for schools like Pheasant Folly Primary.


Watch the video from Engineering News:

AM Solar appointed as Tesla & SolarEdge System Integrators|ReSellers

Sept 2015


AM Solar are very proud to announce they have been approached by the local agents for the Tesla & SolarEdge technologies to represent the Tesla & SolarEdge brands and technologies in Soith Africa.

Elon Musk (Tesla) teamed up with SolarEdge to produce compatible Solar Inverters for their revolutionary new Battery Technology.

AM Solar have been trained and assessed.. and are new ready for the arrival of the two technologies and to serve their customers in delivering World-Class solutions using these two technologies.


The products will become available in January 2015.

Contact AM Solar for more information.

AM Solar one of Top 10 PV System Integrators in SA - Xpert Level

December 2014


AM Solar are very proud to announce they have been selected and nominated by Schneider Electric as Xpert Level System Integrators (PVSI's).

This is the highest PV System Integrator (PVSI) status a company can go to and only the top 10 Solar PV Integrator companies in South Africa can hold this status!!!

AM Solar were awarded the Xpert Status after 4 days of intensive training on all their solar PV products supplied by Schneider Electric. The top international solar engineers within Schneider Electric provided the training between 9th to 12th Dec 2014. 

The Xpert Status is awarded after a company fulfills various criteria incl.: Company employs a full time electrical engineer and/or qualified electrician(s), projects completed successfully, technical training completed by all key staff members, evaluated level of expertise, experience in the industry, company turnover, etc.

PV System Performs Better than Expectation,  60kW Roof-Top PV System in Midrand.

June 2014


AM Solar designed and installed a 60kW Roof-Top PV system on a factory in Midrand, JHB.

Having now monitored the system on a day-to-day basis using their On-Line monitoring software, we are very happy to annouce... "the system is performing better than our design calculations"!

Alastair Armstrong, MD AM Solar says "we use a number of independent Solar Modelling Tools to calculate an expected yield from our systems to derive PV outputs and financial outcomes for each client site. These tools take into account the last 15-20 years weather, meteoric & irradiance recordings for that location. From this we build an expectation per site. This project is currently performing between 3% and 5% better than expectation and we expect it to improve as we approach summer".  The plant uses SolarFrontier Thin-Film CIS panels with Kaco New Energy Inverters.

AM Solar features on Business Accelerator on Radio 702

March 2014


AM Solar were one of the selected companies to be feature on Pavlo Phitidis's Business Accelerator program aired on Radio 702's John Robbie show on 28 March 2014.


Alastair Armstrong, MD of AM Solar gave some feedback on the Solar PV market in SA and how AM Solar have performed since their first interview on the same radio show in September 2013.  In short, "business is thriving", he says. 


To listen to the Podcast of the interview click here...

Approved Photovoltaic System Integrators (PVSI) for Schneider Electric

February 2014


AM Solar have officially been appointed as on of the few Photovoltaic System Interators (PVSI's) for South Africa.

The time and effort spent on allowing Schneider Electric SA to evaulate or business, our technical competance, our experience and our vision for the local PV market was well worth the effort say AM Solar MD Alastair Armstrong.  AM Solar's key installation staff and engineers are currently under going the required Schneider training to complete the process as to full skills transfer of all Schneider PV products, but that should be completed shortly. Training has been informative and has allowed us to improve our service offering to our clients from a technical and a service backup point of view, says Alastair.


Schneider Electric are providers of a full range of energy efficiency and generation products from inverters, charge controllers, protection devices, monitoring and more+


AM Solar are proud to be a member of the Schneider Electric family.

AM Solar, 1st Solar-Log Agents in South Africa

​March 2014

Training done and AM Solar are now official agents and distributors of the worlds No.1 Solar PV logging, control and reporting system in South Africa.


German engineering and technology, Solar-Log (tm) have more than 225 000 units (close to 90GWatts) in the field world wide. Used from small residential PV installations to large Solar Farm systems, Solar-Log is used to monitor and optimise these systems in a real-time timeframe.


"The problem with our system is it can easily detect under-performing and badly installed systems, often exposing poor workmanship on the part of the installer", says Silvia Blumenschein-Schuetz - Head of Sales EMEA.


AM Solar are now proud members of the international Solar-Log family.


53kWp Roof-Top PV System for Bustruck's New Factory in Midrand

February 2014

AM Solar have been appointed as EPC to design, supply and build a Solar PV Roof-Top system to deliver 53kWp at the new Bustruck premises in Clayville, Midrand.


The installation will consist of 350 x 150W Solar Frontier thin-film solar panels with Kaco grid-tie inverters. It will be a grid-tied configuration to feed the day-time load of the building directly. Once permission has been granted, the system will be programmed to sell excess power back into the local grid by reversing the clients 3-Phase meters. 



60kWp Roof-Top PV System for Montagu's Head Office in Fourways

December 2013

AM Solar have been appointed as EPC to design, supply and build a Solar PV Roof-Top system to deliver 60kWp at Montagu Property Group's head office in Broadacres, Fourways, Johannesburg


The installation will consist of 200 x 300W Yingli Solar solar panels with Schneider Electric grid-tie inverters. It will be a grid-tied configuration to feed the day-time load of the building directly. This system will sell excess power over weekens and public holidays into the grid at City Power's set purchase price for Renewable Energy. Special Nett-Meters will be installed to measure both the buy and sell watts for the system. 



Kaiser Chiefs Soccer Team gets a 400kW PV System by AM Solar

November 2013

AM Solar have been appointed as EPC to design, supply and build a Solar PV Roof-Top system to deliver 40kWp ground mount system for Kaiser Chief's training grounds in Lenaron, Johannesburg South.


The installation will consist of 2500 x 160W Solar Frontier thin-film solar panels with Kaco grid-tie inverters in a ground mount installation. It will be a grid-tied configuration to feed the day-time load of the building directly. This system is design to supply close to 100% Self-Consumption power the Kaiser Chiefs gymnasium and onsite offices and shop.