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Use Solar Power Directly for Water Heating

Hot-water with photovoltaics is a new technology.

It was possible because of the enormous decline in prices of PV-modules.

It is now more cost-effective than the standard approach to heating water by way of either Heat Pumps or Solar Hot Water Thermal Collectors.

MyPV have recognized this trend early and patented the idea.

In contrast to conventional solar-heat-systems there is no closed loop with liquid, but cables that carry the energy from the modules to the boiler.



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MYPV Elwa 2 kW Photovoltaic Water Heating Device

ELWA is a 2 kW photovoltaic water heater. Direct current from photovoltaic modules is transferred directly to the built-in heating element and immediately converted into heat without loss.

  • The built-in MPP tracker ensures that the PV generator is always operated at the optimal working point (similar to a PV inverter).

  • No connection to the power grid is required for operation, since the device is powered by the PV generator (stand-alone operation).

  • The desired hot water temperature is set with a rotary knob, LED displays provide information about the current device status.

Your advantages

  • Easier and cheaper than thermal solar systems.

  • Easiest installation thanks to "cables instead of pipes", containing less valuable copper, practically no maintenance costs.

  • Works even in the event of a power failure.

  • Hot water protection can be used optionally.

  • No frost protection necessary.

  • Much Quicker Installation!

  • Zero Risk of Water Leaks after the installation or Thermal systems being Over-Stressed.

From R31 990.00   Fully Supplied and Installed by AM Solar


AC • THOR is a 0 - 3 kW continuously variable photovoltaic power manager for hot water, electrical heat sources and optional heating.

Simple & efficient: The AC • THOR controls electrical heat sources depending on the availability of PV energy and heat requirements. And that for both hot water and space heating.

It ensures your personal living comfort fully automatically.

The AC • THOR replaces conventional, water-based building technology in a residential building that is thermally constructed or renovated according to today's standards. Missing residual energy can be obtained from the public power grid.

Of course, the AC • THOR can also be integrated into conventional, water-based systems such as buffer storage. Its flexibility leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the built-in touch display, it can be operated at any time without additional devices. And easy to install.


  • 30% cost savings compared to conventional systems through self-generated energy

  • Maintenance-free thanks to cables instead of pipes

  • Reduction of the home automation room

  • Open system for various inverters, battery systems and smart homes

  • Enables affordable living in residential construction too

  • Up to 85% PV self-consumption / self-use even without battery storage

  • No frost protection necessary.

  • Much Quicker Installation!!

  • Zero Risk of Water Leaks after the installation or Thermal systems being Over-Stressed.

From R38 200.00   Fully Supplied and Installed by AM Solar

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