Power.SURE.entry   Solar Power System  

The IDEAL SYSTEM by AM Solar to solar power your most important circuits in the home or business to save | save | save and to combat against Eskom power outages or Load shedding..  



Use Solar Power at night (via batteries), Solar Charge the Batts (during the day).


REVERSE your Council Meter... Cancel your day-time load (swimming pool, washing machines, etc..) with this system, while your Batts are in Standby.

Use Solar power during the Day, use Eskom (or Batteries) during the night and use Battery Power during Power Outages (or load shedding).


Expand the system in the future..!


Recharge Batteries (daily)

2 x 300W panels


Direct Drive

Day-Load  or  Reverse Meters

2 x 300W panels

(Batts in Standby)

The Schneider SW Inverter in Off-Grid Configuration with the Fiamm AGM Batts

System Includes:

The Power.SURE.starter system includes the following technologies & Components.


All Systems:

  • Professionally installed & Commisisoned by AM Solar installers

  • includes 1-Year free Maintenance by AM Solar


World-Leading Brands & Technologies 

Schneider Electric Inverter Technology (P.SURE1)

No.2 Inverter Technology in the World

1x   SchneiderE Conext SW 2524 (2.5kW 230V) Grid-Interactive Inverter/Charger

1x   STECA 30A PWM Charge Controller.

3x   Trina/Canadian Solar/equiv. Tier-One 250Wp Solar Panels (inc;. 25 year manufacturer performance guarantee).

With Approved Aluminium Roof Mounting Frame.

2x   Fiamm/Mono AGM GEL Sealed Solar Cells 12V 180AH (@C5)  Batteries.

1x  User Operations & Maintenance Manual & Basic User Operations Training (on site).

Installation & Commissioning by AM Solar

Price: R69 650.00 (excl VAT)

Axpert Voltronic Inverter Technology (PS1)

Mecer Technology & Support

System Includes:

·         1x  Axpert Smart Grid Inverter|Controller 2.5kWp MPPT Solar (All-in-One).

·         2 (or 3) x   Yingli Solar 300W Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels (inc;. 25 year manufacturer performance guarantee).  With Schletter Aluminium Roof Mounting Frame.

·         2 (or 4) x   Fiamm/Mono AGM GEL Sealed Solar Cells 12V 200AH (@C10)  Batteries.

·         1x  User Operations & Maintenance Manual & Basic User Operations Training (on site).

·         Professionally installed & commissioned by AM Solar. 

Price: R49 600.00  -  62 500.00 (excl VAT)

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Example Load Sheet:   (stored in battery bank: to power the load during power outtage  and/or  during the night.)


   APPLIANCE                            QTY           WATTS         HOURS         WATTS/HOURS     WATTS (peak)

   Lights (LED)                              20                5W                  5                         500                        100

   Lamps (CFL)                              5                11W                 5                         275                          55

   Fridge/Freezer/Combo           1               190W                6 (full day)       1140                        190

   TV (LED) + DSTV                        1               220W                4                       1100                        220 

   Laptops                                     2                  70W               3                          420                        140

   Garage Door                             1                  50W              0.1                           5                           50

   Elec Fence                                 1                  45W               5                          225                         45

   MicroWave Oven                     1                900W              0.2                       180                         900

   Cell/Tablets                              2                  20W                3                        120                         140

                                                                                          TOTALS:                  3.965kWh              1.7kW  

                                                                                                                            Batteries &                 Inverter

                                                                                                                                            PV array  size                  size


System Specifications


Solar Charge:           4.6kW hours per Day 

Battery Storage:     4kW hours per Day

Inverter Output:     2.5-4kW (output) Pure Sine

Nett-Meter:              None.

What will it Power:


The system will simultaneously:

  1. Charge / Recharge the battery bank (per day).  

  2. Direct-Drive (supply electric power at 220V AC) the building day-time load.


The Battery Bank will be able to supply a load similar to the loadsheet below..


The Direct-Drive solar will supply around 4.6 kW hours/day to any load running while the sun is out (e.g. Swimming Pool, Washing Machines, etc). 

Therefore: reducing your bill by 4.6kWh/day.

The Direct-Drive solar is similar to a Grid-Tie system


Follow this process to create your own..

Your Load Sheet (explantion):

The load sheet is simply a list of devices that are connected to the solar system and the specifications around each appliance.

From this loadsheet we can see if the (kW hours per day) and the (kW peak) fits the System Specifications  (above..). 

Battery Bank & Basic Rack by AM Solar, incl. Fiamm AGM Gel Solar 12V Cells (180AH)

System Features:


  • Grid-Interactive Solar PV system.     Click here for more info on Grid-Interactive PV systems!

  • Grid-Interactive means the system has a battery bank and the power produced from the sun can be either used to: 1. charge the battery bank,  2. direct supply the building/home load and/or 3. sell excess power back into the grid.


  • Grid Failure | Loadshed | Power Outage ready system!  

  • Generate your own power!!  Free from the Sun!!

  • Nett-Metering Ready (i.e. sell excess power back into the grid)!!


  • Direct-Supply and/or Reverse council meters during day-time hours with the extra solar panels (charge) added to this system.  

  • Backup supply (during bad weather days or low battery charge) can either come from the grid or from a standby generator or both.

  • The inverter can be configured/programmed to operate in many operational requirement states example: .: Solar for Day, Grid at Night & Batts during Grid Outage.

  • System can be expanded upon in the future: Can Add additional solar panels, can add additional batteries, can parrallel addtional inverters, etc... to build solar system output and capacity.  Can eventually build the system into a true OFF-GRID system!

  • Best battery technology used for the battery bank. AGM solar sealed cells (12V & 2V cells). Better than Lead Acid cells. Longer expected life span (exp: 6 - 8 years).

  • Best solar panels and inverter technologies used. SMA/Schneider Electric/Mecer Axpert & Yingli Solar.

  • Best-of-the-Best technology used (international leading brands).

  • Low Maintence. Very easy system operations.

  • Even though these systems do save the owner money by reducing electricity bills, they give solid Power Security (assurance) to the system owner. Giving the power back to the home/building owner. What is the cost of not having the convenience of having power or the cost of lost business due to a power outage or loadshedding??

Optional Extra's:


  • Internet Monitoring: View system performance in real time on your computer or mobile device and allow AM Solar to monitor remotely

  • 3-Phase:  Upgrade this SYSTEM to a 3-Phase output.  

  • Up-scale: increase system output. These Systems are parrallellable, meaning you can add additional systems in the future.

* Speak to a consultant for more info on these options.. 



All-in-One System

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