An  OFF-GRID  "POWER-in-a-Box"  Solution   

Power.TURTLE        Power.TURTLE  
Secure Solar Solution to Provide Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions!
AM Solar launches their Off-Grid "Power-in-a-Box" - PowerTurtle

March 2016


The South African government and 3 partners have launched the new-generation, modular solar solution the PowerTurtle at the off-grid Pheasant Folly Primary school in Palm Ridge, in Gauteng earlier this month. 

The system allows government to provide sustainable and secure energy solutions for rural off-the-gird schools and a multitude of similar Off-Grid applications.


This container-based design solution is the brainchild of AM Solar, Rexivista and Ugesi Gold.

The system incorporates security as a key design feature and is the first step towards secure, reliable and sustainable electricity for schools like Pheasant Folly Primary.




  • Remote/Rural Schools

  • Remote/Rural Offices

  • Remote Construction Sites

  • Off-Grid Clinics

  • Temporary Emergency Centres

  • Telecoms Applications.

  • Remote Conference / Safari applications

  • Mining & Related.

  • Rural Electrification

  • +++ More +++



Watch the video from Engineering News:


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