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With our HQ based in Johannesburg, we cover all provinces within South Africa, but with prime focus on the Johannesburg, Pretoria & North West Province areas:





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Notes:                         Prices Excl VAT, Installation Cost is aproximate (based on typical installation cost per Residential Project).
Installation Includes: PV-Roof Frames (Pitched Roof) , All Connections, C.O.C, Testing & Commissioning by AM Solar Qualified Installers. 
For other Roof Types (e.g. Flat, Concrete Slab, Slate, etc) the price may vary... PLEASE ASK FOR A SEPERATE QUOTATION!!
Call Us Now: 011-064-5707


  • Highest Efficiency.

  • Simple Installation.

  • Integrated Data Logger.

  • Firmware Updtae Possible.

  • Low running temperature at full load.

  • Functionaly perfect, environmentally housing.

  • Lowest possible own consumption.

  • Integrated DC circuit breaker/disconnect.

  • Protective insulation - Protection Class II

  • Very long service life.

  • Service menu for parameter adjustment.

  • Multifunction graphical LCD display.

  • Animated representation of yield operation.

  • Simple menu driven operation.

  • System monitoring with SolarLog & webLOG.

  • All kits will be supplied with full wiring and connection diagrams from AM Solar.



If the system owner agrees to allow his system data to be published on, he will be able to use the Solar Frontier Monitoring Portal FREE of charge for 2 years. At the end of that time, he will receive an offer to continue using the portal as a paid service.


Compare your Yields with other Systems in your Region


The software interface is organised for max. clarity. Besides the system data, the energy yields are shown daily , weekly, monthly and yearly.

Current yield values for the system are evaluated on a scale and compared with values from other systems in the same region.

So users can see at a glance whether their yields are higher or lower than the average for the region.

They can also see their environmental contribution very easily in a display that shows how much CO2 has already been reduced because of these yields.