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Notes:                         Prices Excl VAT, Installation Cost is aproximate (based on typical installation cost per Residential Project).
Installation Includes: PV-Roof Frames (Pitched Roof) , All Connections, C.O.C, Testing & Commissioning by AM Solar Qualified Installers. 
For other Roof Types (e.g. Flat, Concrete Slab, Slate, etc) the price may vary... PLEASE ASK FOR A SEPERATE QUOTATION!!
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  • Highest Efficiency.

  • Simple Installation.

  • Integrated Data Logger.

  • Firmware Updtae Possible.

  • Low running temperature at full load.

  • Functionaly perfect, environmentally housing.

  • Lowest possible own consumption.

  • Integrated DC circuit breaker/disconnect.

  • Protective insulation - Protection Class II

  • Very long service life.

  • Service menu for parameter adjustment.

  • Multifunction graphical LCD display.

  • Animated representation of yield operation.

  • Simple menu driven operation.

  • System monitoring with SolarLog & webLOG.

  • All kits will be supplied with full wiring and connection diagrams from AM Solar.



If the system owner agrees to allow his system data to be published on www.solare-energiewende.de, he will be able to use the Solar Frontier Monitoring Portal FREE of charge for 2 years. At the end of that time, he will receive an offer to continue using the portal as a paid service.


Compare your Yields with other Systems in your Region


The software interface is organised for max. clarity. Besides the system data, the energy yields are shown daily , weekly, monthly and yearly.

Current yield values for the system are evaluated on a scale and compared with values from other systems in the same region.

So users can see at a glance whether their yields are higher or lower than the average for the region.

They can also see their environmental contribution very easily in a display that shows how much CO2 has already been reduced because of these yields.


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