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Photovoltaic Systems

  • AM Solar is an Renewable Energy Solutions provider, specialising in PV System Solutions (design, supply, install & manage).

  • Offering their clients unparalleled service and energy savings, along with post installation performance guarantees & Maintenance Contracts.

  • AM Solar is an approved Schneider Electric PV System Integrator (PVSI).


“AM Solar, Changing the World… One Building at a Time.”

PV, A Secure Investment

  • Investing in a PV solution makes huge financial sense!

  • PV systems have guaranteed operational lifespans of more than 30 years.

  • IRR's 15% to 60%

  • Expected Return of Investment (ROI) periods from 2.5 to 6 years.

  • A proven technology overseas.

  • Superior performance guranteed, with local solar irradiation resources being 3x higher than most European countries.

  • Financing options available, through AM Solar.

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Want to know more about Schneider Electric's Bankability

A solid partner, financially and technically ~ A partner that will be around for the long term ~ Schneider Electric brings true bankability to Solar.

Schneider Electric’s strong balance sheet and scale mean that you can rely on our financial strength, our worldwide support, our industry-leading experience and our reliable products and solutions for any solar installation.


GTM Research, a leading research firm covering the solar market, has recognized Schneider Electric as one of the Top 3 Most Competitive Solar Inverter Companies in the world in 2014. 
New Conext XW+ Hybrid Inverter (South Africa | Now Shipping!)

Schneider Electric’s Conext XW+ is the next generation of the highly successful Conext XW hybrid inverter.

Featuring higher power ratings, Conext XW+ also has better battery management, including support for lithium-ion technology. Its superior BOS integration further simplifies installation. It can be used for both DC- and AC-coupled systems and is suitable for large hybrid applications up to 102kW.  For more information Click Here!


The Schneider ElectricTM Conext XW+ system is the one solution for grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications.
The Perfect Home Solar PV System - Schneider Electric

One solution that fits into a number of different applications, from an Off-Grid, to a Grid-Interactive, to smaller Commercial applications.

Single or three-phase applications, On or Off-Grid; a system that can grow with the clients needs now and the future.

A pure sine wave inverter and charge control system for battery-based PV systems. 


Here's Audey Korpus at the 2012 Solar Power International Show presenting the Schneider Electric Solar Conext XW Inverter/Charger System


World Leading Solar PV Panels - Solar Frontier CIS

Solar Frontier a CIS, Thin-Film solar panel manufacurer from Japan & Germany.


Their panel generates more kW hours per Watt peak than any other solar panel manufacturer (Yield).

They do it in an environmentally-friendly way with a 25 year warranty. With their unique Light-Soaking effect, meaning the efficiency of this panel increases while in operation.


This short video will introduce you to the manufactuere and to their unique technology.


World Leading Inverter Manufacturer - Kaco Germany

Kaco is the world's 2nd largest inverter manufacturer, manufactured in Germany.


Inverters are for commercial roof-top applications, large to medium size all the way up to PV plants capacity.

Commercial and Residential inverters from 1.5kW all the way up to 100kW Inverters.


Watch this video to get a short overview of the company, their products and their sustainable business practices.


Commercial Grid-Tie Inverters - Schneider Electric

The Conex TL 3-Phase Inverters from Schneider Electric, primarily for Commercial Buildings and Decentralized PV Plants, available in multiple power levels.


Decentralized PV systems are becoming very popular for several reasons incl. cost effective, dependable, flexable, reliable high power output.


Watch this video on the Conex TL inverters; their features and their impressive performance.


Yingli Solar - How To Choose the Right Solar System

This is a simple How-To guide from Yingli Solar.


As well as choosing the right installer, it is important to choose the right system.

Are you getting the Quality and Electricity Output you should be?

The Top 5 Factors to consider.

Also some info on the superior quality of the Yingli Solar PV panel.


Watch this short guide on how to select the right products, installer and technologies.

Solar-Log, PV System Monitoring Capability - Germany

Solar-Log WEB Classic is for experienced system owners who want to control their pv systems themselves.

Enabling the user to easily display yield data and alerts in case of faults.

This software comes with a whole host of advanced options for managing and monitoring whole PV installations.


For individual plant owners and for solar companies with multiple-plants.


Watch this video for an overview of the Solar-Log system capabilities and features.