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Photovoltaic Systems

  • AM Solar is an Renewable Energy Solutions provider, specialising in PV System Solutions (design, supply, install & manage).

  • Offering proven technologies and solutions with experienced and dedicated technicians & engineers with years of experience with PV technology.

  • Offering their clients unparalleled service and energy savings, along with post installation performance guarantees & Maintenance Contracts.

  • AM Solar prides itself in its dedication to a Low Carbon Economy and providing World Class Solutions.

“AM Solar, Changing the World… One Building at a Time.”

PV, A Secure Investment

  • Investing in a PV solution makes huge financial sense!

  • IRR's 15% to 60%.

  • PV systems have guaranteed operational lifespans of more than 30 years.

  • With the current low cost in PV panels and the ever increasing electricity costs, an investment in solar PV makes short, medium and long term sense as a secure and reliable investment.

  • Expected Return of Investment (ROI) periods from 2.5 to 6 years.

  • A proven technology overseas.

  • Superior performance guranteed, with local solar irradiation resources being 3x higher than most European countries.

  • Financing options available, through AM Solar.

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